Our Staffing has been an amazing journey for us.  We currently have on board as employees the following people;  Diane Reynolds-director

Responsible Mom’s Program-working with mom’s who are pre-natal or post natal through the babies 2nd year.  Our goal is to see babies born drug free and have good health the first 2 years of life.  We partner with the C.O.R.E. Team and Yamhill County Care Organization(YCCO)

Allison Highsmith-CRM-Responsible Mom’s Lead, CRM, Windy Ashley-CRM-Gambling CRM-Mental Health CRM-Responsible Mom’s Program, Amber Boggannoff-CRM-Responsible Mom’s and DHS Program’s, Kelli Parr-admin assistant

Transitional Treatment Recovery Services-working in partnership with Yamhill County Health and Human Services and Department of Human Services (Child Welfare) to support men and women who are transitioning to a Recovery Lifestyle and supporting them in home services of recovery support and life and behavior skills changes

Tara Paddock CRM, CADC1 (testing)-TTRS Homes, Celeste Burnham-CRM-Lead CRM (all programs)TTRS Homes, Wally Sanches-CRM-TTRS Homes, Jake Pelishuck-CRM-TTRS Homes, Jana Konowoski-CRM Stabilization Home, Debra Cross-CRM Stabilization Home, Julie Rea-CRM-TTRS Homes

Yamhill County Enhanced Adult Drug Courtsupporting and working with our County’s Adult Drug Court, Yamhill County Chemical Dependency, Yamhill County Corrections and Health and Human Services -EADC is an intensive treatment court for medium to high risk offenders who struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction.  We support those individuals with recovery supports and life and behavior skills

Jake Pelishuck-CRM, Wally Sanchez-CRM, Timothy Flannigan-CRM, MHCRM,Peer to Peer Specialist, Allison Highsmith-CRM, Diane Reynolds-Pastor, Certified Traditional Health Provider(THP)

Women’s Recovery Courtsupporting and working with our County’s Family Drug Court-WRC an intensive treatment court that partners with Yamhill County Chemical Dependency, Yamhill County Corrections and Health and Human Services and Provoking Hope to mothers who are medium risk offenders who struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction.

Celeste Burnham-CRM-CRM Lead, Amber Bogganoff-CRM, Diane Reynolds-Pastor,Certified THP

Office CRM’s-supporting our walk-in clients daily in our office to bring support and outreach and a path to recovery and addictions treatment as well as a safe, sober, clean place to hang out pro-socially

Christina Thomas-CRM, Mental Health Peer Specialist, Jeff Chevanier-CRM, CRM MH, Peer Specialist, Timothy Flannigan-CRM- CRM MH-Peer Specialist,

Our Office Support Team-Our team of office admin assistants is an astounding group of folks, they are comprised of employees and astounding volunteers.

Belinda Russell-CRM-Operations, Minnie Nelson-Front Desk, Rachel Parker-Back Office, Jeff-maintenance, then these amazing volunteers-Bobbie Wert-Front Desk, Ellen James-Front Desk, Liz Guaona-Front Desk, Erick Arqueo-Back Office, Amber Park-Back Office, Cassie Rustand-Clothing Closet, Sheila-utility person.

In addition there are a large number of individuals whom daily serve in our office through various activities and helps.  We are amazed and grateful.



Diane Reynolds

Executive Director

Diane Reynolds is our fearless leader. Diane is the executive director of our non-profit. She has a history of about 20+ years working with the folks who are working through various stages of recovery in Yamhill Valley area at large. Diane has worked with diverse groups of individuals and has a heart that is passionate to see solutions that lead to to change. She believes in the hope that there are 2nd chances in life and that we all deserve them. She would tell you she is likely classified a “normy” by the world of addicts, however she also will admit that her co-dependency was an addiciton that enabled her to be and remain very unhealthy for most of her life. Her recovery process was long and continues day by day.

Diane has co owned a Faith-Based Recovery House with her husband in which they had a 4.5 yr run and there were about 59+ individuals who went through that house. This was in 2003-2007. Then she began the educational journey with NNU to be ordained as a pastor with the Nazarene Denomination, during this period of time she was supervised and on staff at Church on the Hill in McMinnville, OR 97128. In May of 2012 after 7 years she was ordained, she obtained a 4.0 GPA.


Pratitioner and Trainer Certified-over two-thousand hours of professional services in the areas of

  • Teaching
  • Healthy Living Skills
  • Conducting Children’s Support Groups
  • Rendering Family Systems Instructions
  • Aiding Children of Alcoholic and Addicts
  • Completed the National Leadership Institute
  • Certified as a Trainer of trainers

Additional Certifications and Achievements

  • Completion of the Each One Teach One Curriculum
  • Completed 2 years of Seminary
  • Served on the Board of Yamhill County Gospel Mission as Chairperson
  • Experience in the McMinnville Judicial Corrections and Chemical Dependency Agencies
  • Partnership with Community Agencies in Multiple Counties
  • Completed 8 hours of Domestic Violence Training
  • Provides Recovery Support to participants of Family Drug Court and Enhanced Adult Drug Court
  • Completed Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program


Bob Reynolds

Board of Directors Chair

The silent warrior he is truly the silent, guiet person behind the scenes, but you can be assured he has an opinion and when he speaks up folks tend to listen up.

Bob serves as the Chair of our Board of Directors, a position he feels inadequate to fill, but those on the board with him know that he is the right person for the job.  Bob projects a strong character and he is a respectful quiet man full of integrity and respect.   


Board Members include:

Ken Marts-Marts Piano Tuning and Refubishing

Steve Inkeles-Physician Williamette Hospital (inactive)

Tim Attwood-Get-R-Done Concrete

Louis McClennon-Amerson Precision CNC Operator

Mark Joy-Rocky in the rooms-City Counsel Lafayette

Sharon Moore- Events Director

Lori Sanchez-Secretary

Terri Attwood-Treasurer

Rich Schafer-AdHoc-Fundraising

Diane Reynolds-Executive Director Provoking Hope

These are the people that are helping to move this non profit forward we are truly blessed and fortunate to have such quality serving us.

Christian Wert

IT Technician

Christian keeps us all functioning in our computer programs and most importantly, keeping our media functioning and current.  He runs his own business www.cbwstudios.me and is a quality designer, technician and promoter.

Belinda Russell

Certified Recovery Mentor, C.R.M.

Belinda is a single mom of an 18 year old boy and a 14 year old girl. She has over 8 years clean and sober from a daily meth addiction. Her life has also been affected through the addictions of her son who just graduated from a treatment center in Eugene and has 1 year clean and sober. Dealing with addiction from both angles has created a passion in her for helping others that are dealing with the same or similar issues.

She volunteered at Provoking Hope for 8 months before receiving her paid position as Office Manager. She also volunteered at the Yamhill County Gospel Rescue Mission for a short time before finding her niche here with us. She will be participating in training this December to become certified for Peer-to-Peer support. She is excited for the additional avenues of support that will open up as a result of this training.

She has attended college and is presently a little over half-way to graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Accounting, however; she has taken a break to reassess her course of study. She feels that she is currently being called more towards social science.

She has a very strong faith and is very active in her church. She loves who she is in recovery today and looks forward to who she will become as she continues to grow trough life experiences, one day at a time!

  • Graduated Nevada Union High School, Grass Valley, CA
  • Served two terms as President of Credit Professionals International
  • Associates of Arts degree in Accounting
  • Leadership Team for Celebrate Recovery, Assimilation Coach and Small Group Leader


Windy Ashley

Certified Recovery Mentor, C.R.M.

Windy is a Registered Peer to Peer Specialist Certified in Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Recovery with 80 hours completed.

Allison Highsmith

Certified Recovery Mentor, C.R.M.

My name is Alli Highsmith. I am a Certified Recovery Mentor here at Provoking Hope. I started as a volunteer here, doing dishes, cleaning and filing to work off probation fees. I was able to get those completely paid off and decided to stay on as a volunteer. At that time I was given the opportunity to start doing some outreach work and going along on presentations. During my time here at Provoking Hope I have received my G.E.D. and my mentor certification. I am so blessed to be working with others as a mentor.

Today I have been clean since March 23rd, 2013. I have found freedom from active addiction through Narcotics Anonymous and consider myself so lucky to be living this new way of life.

Tara Paddock

Certified Recovery Mentor, C.R.M.

Hi, my name is Tara Paddock and I am a wife, mom, student and Certified Recovery Mentor for Provoking Hope. I am currently working towards my CADC1 at Chemeketa Community College.

Today I have the ability to live my life free from active addiction, thanks to Narcotics Anonymous. I have been clean since March 18th, 2010. I am honored to be able to share my experiences with others seeking recovery here at Provoking Hope.

Celeste Barnham

Certified Recovery Mentor, C.R.M.

Certified Recovery Mentor, C.R.M. with 40 hours completed.