We believe in the process and and cycle of recovery, we are here to support and encourage you and give HOPE where it is lost or diminished.  That best happens in a group of supportive people that are working on like issues.  All of these groups will happen at the PH office and if you have questions or want to reserve a spot contact the office phone or email.  503-895-0934 or information@provokinghope.com

Co-Dependency No More

These groups are educational in nature, supportive in effectiveness and are closed groups after the first 3 weeks.  We believe that coda issues are one of the “core” behavior issuses of addiction and for that reason we offer then around the year.  At some point in the life of addiction one makes the choice to be coda as the victim to or coda as the controller of.  It is a false belief, but is never the less what happens and it is a part of the road out!

We also do these groups in gender specific because we believe that which ever side of the choice you are on, you will respond better with your own gender peers, so men meet with men and women meet with women.

If you want to get to the core of the issue call our office and get on the list for the next group opening.  They last 16-20 weeks depending on each groups dynamic.

Stress Management

We will be starting a Stress Management Support Group in January 2014

This group will focus on tools and equipping to assist individuals to manage their stress and anxiety, in a supportive group atmosphere.  We are very excited about the addition of this group.  Watch for the announcement.

Confident Kids/Kids Like Me

We believe the legacy of addiction and dysfunctional living is broken with the kids.  While addiction and recovery are a family matter, the kids often are left out of the attempts to recovery.  We offer these groups as a statement to make sure that the children have a voice, and have a safe place to use it.  They learn valuable lessons of life style changing for themselves , they recieve value based training and most importantly they learn to normalize their life and ways to break the legacy from repeating.  These groups meet1 time a month for 2 hour sessions.


We are adding this link to our Kids Programs we will host the parents at the same time as the kids, with facilitation at the parents level of understanding, using the same curriculum that the children are using.

Watch after the first of the year for the start up of the kids and parents program!

Recovery Support Steps Group-Meets on Wednesday at 1:15pm for 1 hour,.  This group will use the Life Recovery Bible and work through the steps as laid out in the LRB itself.  This is considered a Faith based approach to recovery.

Recovery Support Steps Group-This group will be considered a Evidence based approach and as soon as we have a facilitator it will begin

NA Meetings in our building

New Awakenings Meeting- Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 8 a.m. till  9 a.m.