Faith-Based Groups

Alternating on Wednesdays 12:30pm-1:30pm


A Beautiful Mess – Danielle Strickland

“We like plans, strategies, caution–but God’s chaotic order is far bigger than our expectations…

 This book is an invitation. You are invited to journey into God’s creative plan to make a beautiful mess of your life and your plans. Like a master artist, He is ready to take the colours of your current life and craft them into a beauty that is beyond our comprehension.”

Dangerous Surrender – Kay Warren

You have a plan for the rest of your life. God has a plan for the rest of your life. Are they the same?

You have expectations for how your life will play out, and you hope those plans will become realities. But what if God’s plan for your life is far different from what you had in mind? Can you accept that? Will you surrender your goals for God’s?

The Purpose Driven Life – Pastor Rick Warren

The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here? What is my purpose? Self-help books suggest that people should look within, at their own desires and dreams, but Rick Warren says the starting place must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life. Real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God’s purposes for putting us on earth.

* The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual Journey – Friends in Recovery

A working guide for healing damaged emotions…

 “Even the vilest offender can be restored when he comes to understand himself and when he comes to know God in the person of Jesus Christ. The Twelve Steps – A Spiritual Journey helps accomplish this. It helps people get in touch with feelings they didn’t even know they had such as long-buried remorse and anger. But it also helps them restore a proper relationship with Christ so that he might replace their pain with his peace, joy, and love.”

*Groups that are done periodically – not in the normal rotation

Hinds’ Feet on High Places – Hannah Hurnard

This book is a complete allegory.

The definition of an allegory is: a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

“This is the story of how Much-Afraid escaped from her Fearing relatives and went with Shepherd to the High Places where ‘perfect love casteth out fear.”

This book study is different than any of our other studies as it is a story that can be interpreted to speak to each individual differently.

Fresh Start With God – John Siebeling

The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that God promises a fresh start to anyone. Through Jesus Christ we can have forgiveness, freedom and a future filled with hope and purpose. He loves you more than you know and has an incredible plan for your life. The book will help you discover foundational truths from God’s Word and will give you practical steps to help you grow and become all that God created you to be.

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