We have just returned from a full week of vacation.  My heart remains filled with joy, my soul is at peace, and my mind is calm and rested.  My gratitude bucket is bursting and needs to say thank you to the team of individuals that lead the organization for being on task and on time with each day’s situations. 

While being away, many things and thoughts moved through my thinking processes.  We will be sharing those as we move forward from this respite week, but more of that later. 

While away the News-Register, our local Yamhill County, mostly McMinnville OR paper did a front-page article on our organization and some of our people and programs.  It was very well representative of our work.  Positive and uplifting. 

Of the comments inside the online, there were at this exact writing three comments.  One was very positive, and two were just so negative and missing the whole purpose.  My first thoughts, “misinformed” and my second thought, “missing the point,” that is something for me that is understandable.  If you do not have experience with this issue, there truly is not a way to understand the problem.  You know that is for us, something to give thanks.  But for me this has been a lifetime issue, not that my specific challenge was using/addiction but rather my lifetime issue was the dealing with the results/consequences of those around me having the problem of using/addiction. 

Our mantra has been for eight years the simultaneous shouting out to our County, City, State, Nation “WAKE UP” to those around you who are using.  Wake up to you who are using.  Wake up to the devastation using/addiction places on our next generation, not to mention the current age.   

So negative commentary may well be a signal that some are waking up.  We welcome the discussion, the questions, and as always stand ready to reply. 

My faith has taught me that if we stand for something, if we walk in with our eyes wide open, we will stir up some commotion and we will do our best; if, we are prepared and confident to face each of those commotions with hope and love.   

So, Psalms 3:1-5 “Wake Up” 


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