Diane Reynolds

Executive Director

Team Member Since: 10/11/2011

Recovery Date: 7/1/1988

Bob Reynolds

Co-Founder/Board Member

Team Member Since: 10/11/2011

Recovery Date: N/A

Belinda Russell

Deputy Manager

Team Member Since: 04/01/2014

Recovery Date: 08/01/2005

Timmy Flanagan

HR Manager

Team Member Since: 02/20/2015

Recovery Date: 02/21/2013

Minnie Nelson

Utilization Manager

Team Member Since: 03/03/2015

Recovery Date: 03/15/2012

Rhonda Fabreth

Accounts Manager

     Team Member Since:   04/17/2018

      Recovery Date: N/A

Debra Cross

CRM Manager Bldg 1

Team Member Since: 10/13/14

Recovery Date: 4/20/12

Sandra Flanagan

Sheridan Hub Manager

    Team Member Since: 9/2/15

    Recovery Date: 2/21/13

Albert Prettyman

CRM Manager Bldg 2

Team Member Since: 4/16/18

Recovery Date:  6/30/16

Anne Muilenburg

Office Manager

    Team Member Since: 8/1/18

    Recovery Date: 7/25/17

What Are Certified Recovery Mentors (CRM)?

The Certified Recovery Mentor provides peer support services; serves as a consumer advocate; provides consumer information and peer support for consumers in a variety of settings. The CRM performs an array of tasks to support consumers in living their own lives and directing their own recovery and wellness process. The CRM will model competency in recovery and wellness.

We have other specialties within this catagory, such as: Certified Gambling Recovery Mentor (CGRM) 

What is a Peer Support Specialist (PSS)?

A Certified Peer Support Specialist (PSS), is a person with significant life-altering experience trained to support others with similar “lived experiences”. These specialists support individuals with struggles pertaining to mental health, psychological trauma or substance use.

Our Recovery Support Team

Windy Ashley     CRM, CGRM, THW, PSS

Jill Beaudry             CRM, THW

Julie Rea                 CRM, THW

Donna Lepley          CRM, CGRM, THW

Heidi Hicinbothom  CRM, THW, PSS

Traci Ramirez          CRM, THW

Carol Collins           CRM, THW, PSS

Chrystal Ellis          CRM, THW

Charmaine Kline     CRM, THW

Samantha Wright    CRM, THW

Traci Hamilton        CRM, THW

Carolyn Rich           CRM

Michelle Ward         CRM 


Betty Peterson         CRM

Jason Wilson            CRM

Bobbie Wert             Events/Activities Coordinator

Kitana Wert             Data Entry Coordinator

Wendy Speer            Director’s Assistant

Sarah Colvin            Intake Assistor

Donna Barrera         Office Asst Sheridan Hub

Margo Ream             Data Entry

DeAnna Minchue      Admin Asst

Tonya Graftenreed    JobsPlus Data Entry

 Jessica Hernandez   JobsPlus Data Entry

David Kunzler           Janitor

Christine Hokanson   Janitor

Tim Yett                   Webmaster  

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