JMAT Program

 Jail Medically Assisted Treatment Program

Provoking Hope is now partnering with the Yamhill County Correctional Facility on the launch of a pilot program for medication assisted treatment (MAT) for inmates with opioid addictions such as heroin. Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office has received funding from Oregon Health Authority to administer a MAT program while individuals with opioid use disorder are in custody. Inmates with a history of using heroin or other opioids who qualify for the program are given the opportunity to start Suboxone, a medication that dramatically reduces cravings. Suboxone is an FDA-approved medication for assisted detox of people with opioid addiction.

To ensure the individual remains in treatment after leaving the facility, Provoking Hope’s JMAT Certified Recovery Mentor will go into the jail and meet with individuals in the MAT program to mentor them, help set them up for after care appointments, and assist in transitioning them onto a successful pathway of recovery.


For more information on this program, contact:

Call: 971-261-2259

Fax: 503-883-9647


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