IOP-(Intensive Outpatient Treatment)

 working in collaboration with clinicians to provide integrated care, CRM’s work with peers individually and attend IOP group for support.


IIR-(Institutional In-Reach)

CRM’s go into the jail to meet with peers sign them up for services upon release and facilitate content groups.


YORS-(Youth Outreach Recovery Services)

CRM’s will meet with youth 14-22 years old to advocate and walk beside them in their recovery journey. As well as outreach to schools for education and awareness


Prevention is the key. Provoking Hope is providing peer delivered recovery services to individuals in intensive outpatient services through Yamhill County Adult Behavioral Health. CRM’s work in collaboration with clinicians to provide integrated care CRM’s will attend IOP groups as well as meet with peers individually to help them develop life skills and build connections to the recovery community. Provoking Hope as well is sending Certified Recovery Mentors into the Yamhill County Jail to be able to meet with peers while they are incarcerated to mentor them, help them sign up for services upon release, and provided content groups. Provoking Hope provides a program that is directed towards youth (YORS) this program is designed to bring in youth ages 14 to 22 years old to be able to provide a safe and sober environment and team for youth and their families for whatever kind of support is needed and to offer advocacy for you as well as walk beside you in your recovery journey.

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