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Provoking Hope Recovery Services is a solution’s driven nonprofit focusing on our community first and then our other cities and then our State and our Country. We are always working in the compassionate outreach model to bring services to individuals who have brokenness, or unhealthiness due to decisions from the past.  Our focus, of course, is the hurting and the healing of those struggling daily with addiction, and the families and children of the hurting and healing addict. 

This solution comes in many forms and formats. It looks and feels different in almost every single circumstance.  Provoking Hope provides resources for solutions.  Our goal is that every support we offer has with it a safe, clean, and healthy resolution.  At the core of the answers is a passionate belief in the value of humankind driven from a vast spiritual experience.  Some say higher power; we call it God, his big book states that he is drawn to the brokenhearted and wounded and, He is. 

Some of our solutions may be misunderstood by those on the outside looking in, and that is ok.  We anticipate this and are always eager and stand ready to help folks understand. But if they won’t or cannot choose to realize their challenges, we will still stand prepared with the people who are willing, and we will walk a path with them so long as that path is healthy. Our goal is aimed at healing, restoration, or transformation. 

We believe people can and do change if given the correct amount of support and exampling of right decisions and choices that lead to hope and recovery that they can, will, and do live a life of recovery. 

We purpose in our plan for them to be and become what they have dreamed or in some cases never dreamed they could or could be.  For over eight years, we have watched this miracle unfold before our very eyes, we believe it. 

Here is a list of such resources and solutions we walk alongside with: Traditional meetings, treatment, and residential as well as outpatient counseling. We offer groups, housing assistance (not providing for but helping them find it); Safe and clean-living places, church, probation, drug court, at times incarceration, as well as paying fines through community service hours worked. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteerism and participate in Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) along with clean needle exchanges, job search help,  and much-needed Oregon ID and Birth Certificates for purchase.  

We employ over 35 individuals who are all in various levels of recovery. They are our success and evidence that the purpose and plan work.  They walk side by side with a person, sharing their lived experience, and pointing them onto that path of recovery from an addictive lifestyle into a recovery lifestyle. My friends, this is a real recovery of life.





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