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Harnessing The Healing and transformative powers of
playing music as a group, for non-musicians

Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 pm to 5 pm


Experience the healing power of music. Our rock stars will guide you on an expressive music journey you won’t soon forget. No musical experience or instrument is necessary.


Our trauma-informed meditation group is a comfortable space to learn the basics. Enjoy the process of learning self-acceptance, an important part of recovery and daily life.


This activated, meditative breathing technique has a way of giving people an unexpected entry point into a deeper state of consciousness, often resulting in profound breakthroughs.

Rock to Recovery was formed on 12/12/12 by Wesley Geer (Hed P.E., Korn) after his own experience in rehab as a result of battling drug and alcohol addiction. As a long-time musician, music took on a new meaning to Wes, when he was raw and new in recovery. Only after staying sober for two years, was Wes offered the job as Korn’s touring guitar player. After successfully touring the world with the band for the next few years, Wes endeavored to circle back, and bring music into the treatment setting and created Rock to Recovery. Since its inception, the organization, with the help of his ‘rad’, Rockstar friends, who are also in recovery, Rock to Recovery has grown to be an extremely popular and therapeutic modality in a variety of treatment settings.

In Rock to Recovery, clients work together as a team to form a ‘band’. The goal of each session is to write and record an original song and bond with one another through the healing power of music. No musical experience is necessary! R2R’s professional staff of professional musicians, are clean and sober and guide the process helping clients to learn instruments and express themselves in a safe, fun, environment. Effects can be felt like the unique experience of playing music helps repair neural pathways and promotes healthy, happy, brain chemistry. MP3’s of the songs are uploaded anonymously, to R2R’s SoundCloud account, and made available to clients for download, or sharing.