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Support, Love, & Compassion

Maintaining the Human Equation

If we could convince folks of any truism, it would be that “every life has value” that value is not an equation to what was the past or even in the here and now.  NO! All lives have value, and all deserve the opportunity and the option to change their lives.  Some of us can do that like in a snap of our fingers, others of us it may take time, lots of time and the decisions that others do not understand may continue.  That does not prove the life is not of value.  Another component of this value is that behavior can and does get involved in the recovery journey.  Abstinence is undoubtedly a part of recovery; however it is not the totality of recovery.  To put it bluntly, those who do not do the hard work of change internally are what some would call “A dry/clean addict” behavior is the same, treatment of those close or not close is the same.  Attitude is not different.  We recognize this at Provoking Hope, and we work to offer multiple solutions with no judgment.  One of the solutions we recently entered is the ONE Program.  See below a description of what we believe this program will bring to recovery and recovering folks our focus will be Heroin/Opioid, but all addiction is our primary focus and all need recovery;  “We come into the communities mentioned (see list below)with the Big Blue Mobile Unit, if you see us out there we will be ready to serve you we will provide clean needles for dirty needles one for one, we will dispose of them appropriately, we will do this anonymously.  We will hand out referral information for HIV, Hep C, STD places to seek help, directing folks toward Public Health and Primary Care.  We will help process individuals to OHP first time or reinstatement.  We will have clean, dry socks, rain ponchos, condoms, hygiene kits, and eventually have sack lunches (we need volunteers to help with this part.) We will listen, and tell you our stories of recovery from needles and drugs.   What can you do to help us?  Well if you are aware of locations that need needle clean-up, let us know, and we’ll do the clean sweep and dispose of them appropriately. We’ll be there weekly at the same time, the same location.   In our partnership with Champion Team, we will be at the fixed location which is Champion Team every day, four days a week doing the same thing. We are very grateful for our incredible partners and helpers in this endeavor; Champion Team and their space as well as helpers, besides we would like to thank the following;  County Commissioners; Yamhill County Fire and Rescue (The giver of the mobile unit); Maaco Paint in Portland (for the beautiful blue paint job); Health and Human Services (for the funds via contract);  Public Health Department in Yamhill County Public Health; Our home- team within Provoking Hope; We are always on the lookout for solutions to help our community know and experience Hope, Solutions, Recovery, and Transformed Lives.  Yes, we are very aware that some will not agree with this program and what it represents; however, the benefits far outweigh the problem they foresee. Also, this is an evidenced-based solution.   Nationally 75% of those who use a needle exchange come into recovery.   We have several on staff and within our board that this is their very own story. It addresses solutions, and we also get to provide the referrals and help once we build a relationship with folks, that is when the magic happens. We are not going to let unbelievers prevail. We believe this is for the better good of all our community.   Our most recent sweep to look for inappropriately disposed of needles we were able to remove 14 dirty needles. That is a big deal to us. There is much less of a chance for their reuse, or a child to get a hold of them. We are grateful. Believe in our ability to appropriately disposed of them.    We are on the move, and you can watch for us on the highway and local streets in all of the communities of Yamhill County.  Follow this schedule of locations:  Monday: 2 pm-4 pm The By-Pass in Dayton; Tuesday: 2 pm-4 pm The Oddfellows Hall in Sheridan; Wednesday: 2 pm-4 pm Carlton Community Church in Carlton; Thursday: 2 pm-4 pm Family Life Church in Newberg; We also have a Stationary location at Champion Team: Monday-Thursday from 11 am-1 pm. Let’s get the word out and start saving lives, ONE at a time! 

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Needle Exchange Schedule:

  • Monday: 2 pm-4 pm The By-Pass in Dayton 
  • Tuesday: 2 pm-4 pm The Oddfellows Hall in Sheridan 
  • Wednesday: 2 pm-4 pm Carlton Community Church in Carlton 
  • Thursday: 2 pm-4 pm Family Life Church in Newberg 
  • We also have a Stationary location at Champion Team Monday-Thursday from 11 am-1 pm 

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