Two Significant Moments

A couple of weeks ago, we were meeting with a dad.  Dad was frustrated. He was not being heard by whom he wanted to.  With no real outlet my thoughts were that the anger he was expressing was raw, authentic, and about the inner struggle he had with a child and with a system and community that was in what seemed to him to be deep denial. 

At one point after he had espoused all of the above, he ended by saying “you just do not understand, they will not listen” to which I responded “you do not understand, we will not be quiet.  We cannot be silenced” we are with you, dad, and will very willingly walk out this path with you. 

Since that meeting, we have had four of our peers go in support. At the next meeting they did allow us to have a voice, each one spoke, and that resulted in setting up of another meeting where those in that system will attend, along with dad and the original four who walked with him that evening. 

Here are my thoughts behind this.  If you are passionate, put that into practice.  Walk it out and follow it.  My friend that is a gift to you given by a Creator who knows your heart sees your frustration, and knows your name.  Follow that lead, and it will make a change happen right where you are. That is a promise. 

The second thing is that one of our employees fell very ill a couple of weeks ago also.  He is maybe a bit stubborn, but often when illness comes along he will hold on to being able to take care of it himself.  That’s exactly where he is this time.  He had missed half of the week of work when there was a severe change in temperature.  All of us at the office encouraged him that he needed to go the doctor.  Well once there, he was admitted to the hospital.  

After the fevers subsided, the medical staff eventually eliminated the suspected cause. The journey was not over.  The decision was made to keep him the hospital.  They had his wife call family, friends, and at the very least prepare for what that might mean.  All along this journey, we were reminding him and his wife that God is in control, that we are praying and asking for a miracle and telling them that there is tremendous value in his life and that we refused to believe his work in not complete. 

After receiving this news, it was the very next day that he sent me a text: “I’m home.” His following words are astounding: “ What about that prayer thing?”  It is sure making the old man rethink his stance.

So……miracles among us?  You can decide for yourselves, but for me, I say yes.   

Two of them for sure.  “When you pray and believe, you will receive” Mark 11:24 


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