RDP-(Responsible Dad’s Program)

A Father’s group that offers support and understanding. Finding positive direction for a healthy family life.


RMP-(Responsible Mom’s Program)

A mother’s group that offers support and understanding. Finding positive direction for a healthy family life


TTRS-(Transitional Treatment Recovery Services/Hope House-Stage 2 Recovery)

A sober living environment for men/woman giving them a chance to learn how to parent and obtain life skills


YORS-(Youth Outreach Recovery Services)

This program is designed for ages 14-22 to provide a safe environment and team for youth and their families


GSP-(Gambling Support Program)

Walking side by side with peers who struggle with gambling addiction


COPS-(C0-Occurring Program Support)

Walking beside peers with mental health and addiction on their path to recovery


ARC-(Adult Recovery Court)

CRM’s assist peers with accessing resources as well as advocating for them


Provoking Hope offers a wide variety of programs to help people in the community. (RDP/RMP) is designed to help parents on the path to a new and healthy life with understanding and support in a group setting. (TTRS) is a transitional living program for men/woman with children helping transition them onto a path of recovery while enrolled in chemical dependency parenting classes and meeting with a CRM. (YORS) is a youth aged program between the ages of 14-22 years old providing a safe environment for youth and their families as well as advocacy support. GSP is a gambling support program for people who have faced gambling addiction. Meeting with a CRM who has lived experience in this area. (COPS) is focused on peers who have co-occurring addiction we walk beside them on their journey through recovery. (ARC) CRM’s will work with peers on setting  and achieving recovery goals assist with accessing resources in the community and walking side by side with them through the court system


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