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Need to enroll in the parenting program or learn more about O.N.E.? Call us.

1 (971) 261-2259

M-F / 8 AM - 5PM

Responsible Parenting Program/s
Parenting Program

Responsible parenting means taking responsibility for a child’s intellectual, emotional, and financial well-being. This requires being present in a child’s life, actively contributing to a child’s healthy development, sharing economic responsibilities, and cooperating with a child’s other parent in addressing the full range of a child and family needs. That is why we developed both the Responsible Mom’s Program (RMP) and the Responsible Dad’s Program (RDP) at Provoking Hope.  Call us or stop by the office during normal working hours to get started with enrollment into this program.

Program Assistance Includes:

  • Parenting education
  • Transportation assistance
  • Job placement assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Anger management counseling
  • Domestic violence education and screening
  • Mediation services
  • General health and nutrition
  • Meeting attendance
  • Court Accompaniment
  • Advocate with agencies and professionals
O.N.E. Program

The O.N.E Program is a one-for-one exchange of needles provided by Provoking Hope and staffed by a coalition of Certified Recovery Mentors and Peer Support Specialists from both Provoking Hope and Champion Team.  Currently, needles can be exchanged daily at two different Provoking Hope locations.

We understand and sympathize with some in the community who have concerns regarding Needle Exchange programs running in their town.  We want to assure the community of Yamhill Valley that our #1 goal at Provoking Hope, with the O.N.E. program, is to build inroads with peers and facilitate a path to addiction recovery.  This program allows us to create a rapport with our peers conducive to aiding our stated goal.  We feel strongly about mitigating the effect of needles on the roads, parks, and sidewalks and alleys in our community.  Keeping used needles out of our community helps to decrease the spread of infectious and incurable diseases.

Positive Results Include:

  • Lower numbers of contaminated needles in a community
  • Reduced drug-related behavior
  • Reduced sexual-risk behavior
  • Increased access to drug treatment referral services
  • Increased access to testing and diagnostic services
  • Increased access to education about substance abuse
  • Increased communication with hard-to-reach populations
  • Reduced prevalence of new infections