MAT-(Medically Assisted Treatment)

Is a medication assisted treatment program that assists peers who have opioid addiction on their path to recovery


JMAT-(Jail Medically Assisted Treatment)

Is a jail medically assisted suboxone program which assists peers on the path of recovery and lowers the recidivism in the community


O.N.E-(Outreach Needle Exchange)

Is a 1 for 1 needle exchange program focusing on harm reduction and create a rapport with our peers conducive to aid the road to beginning recovery


Provoking Hope is partnering with the Yamhill County Correction Facility on a medically assisted treatment (JMAT) program for inmates with opioid addiction such as heroin. Inmates are allowed to start Suboxone, a medication that dramatically reduces cravings. Suboxone is an F.D.A. approved drug for assisted detox for people with opioid addiction.  Provoking Hope is also working in partnership with Adult Behavioral Health, Reclaim Clinic, Providence Medical Group, and Willamette Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center. Inmates who are released from custody may continue their medically assisted treatment, such as Suboxone, Subutex, Sublocade, and Vivitrol. Provoking Hope certified recovery mentors will meet each one upon their release and help them get started with outside treatments.  Provoking Hope has recently launched a one for one needle exchange program (O.N.E) the goal for this program is focusing on harm reduction and building a report with peers to help them on their path to successful recovery

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